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Our extensive range of ready to wear collections encompasses a diverse selection of impeccably crafted clothing and sportswear. Within this carefully curated assortment, you will find an array of knitwear, stylish sport and dress shirts, finely tailored trousers, chic jackets, versatile outerwear, high-quality denim pieces, and an assortment of tasteful accessories. These offerings have been thoughtfully selected to cater to the distinct preferences and needs of our discerning clientele.

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We pursue the best ready to wear clothing

At the core of our ready to wear collections lies an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to sourcing clothing items only from the most reputable and esteemed brands in the industry. Each piece featured in our collections reflects our passion for fashion and our relentless pursuit of quality.

Our sport and dress shirts are designed with attention to detail, offering a perfect fit and an elegant appearance. We offer trousers that combine comfort and sophistication for a polished look. While our jackets and outerwear provide the ideal blend of fashion and function.

Stay modern with fresh looks every season

New items, styles, fabrics, colors, and designers are added every season in our effort to continually evolve our customers’ personal style. Ready to wear clothing that’s unique to each customer and easily updated each season, a wardrobe that’s designed for your lifestyle.

Denim aficionados appreciate our selection of premium denim pieces, known for their durability and timeless appeal. Furthermore, our range of accessories serves as the finishing touch to your ensemble. Express your unique style and personality while looking your best everyday.

Ready to wear clothing
Ready to wear mens sportswear

Explore these quality brands

Hagen Clothing, Peter Millar, Eton, W. Kleinberg, and many other quality brands are showcased in our Burlington, Vermont store. We search the globe to provide you with the finest in ready to wear clothing, sportswear, and accessories. Our collections feature jackets and outerwear from Italy, denim, and artisan footwear from the USA. We pride ourselves on providing the best clothing for our customers.

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