“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”

– Vince Lombardi –

Our History of
Quality & Service

MK Clothing has been providing the men of Vermont and beyond with the finest in high-quality sportswear and finely tailored clothing since 1977.

We will be here for you – from graduation, to wedding, to the christening, even the 50-year anniversary, and beyond!

Being measured for a custom suit at MK Clothing in Burlington, Vermont
Custom clothing swatches at MK Clothing in Burlington, Vermont
Impeccable Custom
Made Products
We proudly present our custom-made clothing services. Suits, jackets, formalwear, trousers, vests, top coats, shirts and even belts can be custom made to our customers’ needs, wants and most importantly sizes. Hundreds of seasonal fabrics are available for your selection, and we look forward to showing you all our shop has to offer during your visit!

We Stock Only the Best

We spend a great deal of time and effort searching out the finest quality fabrics, clothing and sportswear items the world has to offer. We are constantly building comprehensive seasonal collections that reflect the level of taste and craftsmanship our customers deserve, and keeping you stylish and seasonally appropriate in snowy January as well as sunny July.
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We provide our customers with a level of service that matches the quality of our merchandise. We excel at creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our friends and customers.

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